MDL Director's Letter

This past year has been an exceptionally strong one for the Microdevices Laboratory (MDL), with the delivery of enabling devices for a diverse set of NASA space missions as well as the selection of new projects that will use MDL technologies and devices. Thanks to the efforts of the technical staff, there are now more than 20 MDL devices included in NASA missions planned for space flight in the next few years. These devices contribute to JPL Directorates including Solar System Exploration, instruments for Mars Exploration, Astronomy and Physics, Earth Science and Technology, and Interplanetary Network future optical communications.

MDL continues to excel as it fulfills its charter as a facility to create, develop, deliver, and integrate novel microdevices and critical microdevice technologies that enable instruments and missions for JPL and NASA. MDL's sustained success is highlighted through the innovative devices, technologies, and capabilities described in this annual report. Looking forward, MDL is committed to delivering the current devices for planned space missions and, equally as important, investing now in new technologies, capabilities, and people to invent, develop, and deliver the next generation of enabling devices for future JPL and NASA projects and missions.

Dr. Robert Green
Director JPL Microdevices Laboratory