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Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) Photo ABOVE: The ability to maintain cutting-edge research, development, and delivery of devices and technologies requires a sustained renewal and expansion of capabilities.

capabilities Overview

Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) is committed to our continued tradition of innovative microdevice and nano technologies. New investments enable leading-edge in situ planetary-science as well as remote-sensing technologies for Astrophysics, Planetary and Earth Science observations.

MDL is a prime example of JPL’s dedicated efforts to create and deliver high-risk, high-payoff technologies for NASA’s future planetary, astrophysics, and Earth science missions. Over 70 scientists and technologists use the 11,000-square-foot micro/nano fabrication facility, which provides the following capabilities:

Lithography — contact, projection, and electron beam lithography

Thin Film Deposition — electron beam evaporation, plasma deposition, sputtering, molecular beam epitaxy, atomic layer epitaxy

Thin Film Etching — deep reactive ion etching (RIE) in silicon, plasma, and inductively coupled etching

Inspection and Characterization — scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope, fluorescence and confocal microscopes, X-ray photoemission spectroscopy, low-temperature measurement

The laboratory is flexible, allowing research, development, and small-scale production of a very broad range of devices with core technologies in:

  • Advanced microfabrication
  • Electron beam lithography–based optics
  • Semiconductor lasers, visible–UV detectors
  • Infrared focal plane arrays
  • Terahertz devices
  • Superconducting materials and devices
  • Nano and micro systems