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Above: A high-resolution infrared image taken with an MDL-developed HOT BIRD camera on a winter night. Its thermal sensitivity of one fiftieth of a Celsius allows it to reveal information unseen with the naked eye such as the thermal signatures of people walking by and vehicles parked at length versus those driven recently.

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MDL is Developing Advanced Infrared Imaging Devices with Multiple Industry Partners

MDL is a leader in infrared imaging technology and actively partners with private industry partners to create innovative devices for use by NASA, the Department of Defense, law enforcement, and other national agencies for activities such as airborne and ground-based surveillance, navigation, border and maritime patrol, and search and rescue. These technologies make it possible to see one’s environment with or without visible illumination, as illustrated by the nighttime photograph above. Cameras aided by these technologies can also see through smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants to detect potential dangers that cannot be seen with the naked eye. As MDL continues to work with industry partners to advance these technologies, we are finding growing commercial applications that include flight and automotive navigation, building inspection, home security, and medical imaging, to name a few.

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