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Following is a list of recent publications MDL scientists and technologists have been involved in during 2009:

  1. D. W. Wilson, “Electromagnetic Modeling of Multi-Wavelength QWIP Optical Coupling Structures,”Infrared Physics & Technology, vol. 52, p. 224, 2009.
  2. D. Z.-Y. Ting, C. J. Hill, A. Soibel, S. A. Keo, J. M. Mumolo, J. Nguyen, and S. D. Gunapala, “A High-Performance Long Wavelength Superlattice Complementary Barrier Infrared Detector,” Applied Physics Letters, vol. 95(2), p. 023508, 2009.
  3. C. O. McPheeters, C. J. Hill, S. H. Lim, D. Derkacs, D. Z. Ting, and E. T. Yu, “Improved Performance of In(Ga)As/GaAs Quantum Dot Solar Cells Via Light 
Scattering by Nanoparticles,” Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 106(5), p. 056101, 2009.
  4. C. J. Hill, A. Soibel, D. Z.-Y. Ting, S. A. Keo, J. M. Mumolo, J. Nguyen, M. Lee, and S. D. Gunapala, “High-Temperature Operation of Long-Wavelength Infrared Superlattice Detector with Suppressed Dark Current,” Electronics Letters, vol. 45(21) p.1089, 2009.
  5. S. D. Gunapala, S. V. Bandara, J. K. Liu, J. M. Mumolo, D. Z. Ting, C. J. Hill, J. Nguyen, B. Simolon, J. Woolaway, S. Wang, W. Li, P. D. LeVan, and M. Z. Tidrow, “Demonstration of Megapixel Dual-Band QWIP Focal Plane Array,” accepted for publication in IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, January, 2010.
  6. S. D. Gunapala, S. V. Bandara, J. K. Liu, J. M. Mumolo, D. Z. Ting, C.J. Hill, J. Nguyen, B. Simolon, J. Woolaway, S. C. Wang, W. Li, P. D. LeVan, and M. Z. Tidrow, “1024 × 1024 Format Pixel Co-Located Simultaneously Readable Dual-Band QWIP Focal Plane,” Infrared Physics & Technology, vol. 52, (6), p. 395, 2009.
  7. C. J. Hill, A. Soibel, S. A. Keo, J. M. Mumolo, D. Z. Ting, and S. D. Gunapala, “Demonstration of Large-Format Mid-Wavelength Infrared Focal Plane Arrays Based on Superlattice and BIRD Detector Structures,” Infrared Physics & Technology, vol. 52 (6), p. 348, 2009.
  8. A. Soibel, Sumith V. Bandara, David Z. Ting, John K. Liu, Jason M. Mumolo, Sir B. Rafol, William R. Johnson, Daniel W. Wilson, and Sarath D. Gunapala, “A Super-Pixel QWIP Focal Plane Array for Imaging Multiple Waveband Temperature Sensor,” Infrared Physics & Technology,  vol. 52 (6), p. 403, 2009.
  9. D. Z.-Y. Ting, S. V. Bandara, J. Mumolo, S. A. Keo, J. Nguyen, H.C. Liu, C.Y. Song, Y.-C. Chang, Sir B. Rafol, C. J. Hill, S. D. Gunapala, A. Soibel, J. K. Liu, and 
E. Blazejewski, “Dots, QWISPs, and BIRDs,” Infrared Physics & Technology, vol. 52, Issue 6, pp. 294–298, 2009.
  10. J. Nguyen, D. Z. Ting, C. J. Hill, A. Soibel, S. A. Keo, S. D. Gunapala, “Dark Current Analysis of InAs/GaSb Superlattices at Low Temperatures,” Infrared Physics & Technology, vol. 52(6), p. 317, 2009.
  11. B. Simolon, N. Aziz, S. Cogan, E. Kurth, S. Lam, S. Petronio, J. Woolaway, S. Bandara, S. Gunapala, andJ. Mumolo, “High-Performance Two-Color One-Megapixel CMOS ROIC for QWIP Detectors,” Infrared Physics & Technology, vol. 52, p. 391, 2009.
  12. A. Soibel, M. W. Wright, W. Farr, S. Keo, C. Hill, R. Q. Yang, and H. C. Liu, “High-Speed Operation of Interband Cascade Lasers,” Electronics Letters, vol. 45, pp. 264, 2009.
  13. J. Chen, T. Hosoda, G. Kipshidze, L. Shterengas, G. Belenky, A. Soibel, C. Frez, and S. Forouhar, “Single Spatial Mode Room Temperature Operated 3.15 µm Diode Lasers,” submitted to Electronics Letters.
  14. P. A. Willis, A. Fisher, F. Greer, F. Grunthaner, D. Hoppe, T. Chiesl, R. Mathies, and J. Rolland, “Development of a Fully Integrated Lab-on-a-Chip Electrophoresis System for ExoMars and Future Astrobiology Missions,” Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 11, EGU2009-6134, 2009.
  15. F. Greer, M. Dickie, R. P. Vasquez, T. J. Jones, M. E. Hoenk, and S. Nikzad, “Plasma Treatment Methods to Improve Indium Bump Bonding Via Indium Oxide Removal, “Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, vol. 27 p. 2132, 2009.
  16. J. Lopez, F. Greer, and J. R. Greer, “Enhanced Resistance of Single-Layer Graphene to Ion Bombardment,” submitted to Applied Physics Letters.
  17. N. Tripathi, L. D. Bell, and F. Shahedipour-Sandvik, “AlGaN Based III-Nitride Tunnel Barrier Hyperspectral Detector: Effect of Internal Polarization,” submitted to 
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology.
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  20. A. M. Stockton, T. N. Chiesl, T. K. Lowenstein, X. Amashukeli, F. Grunthaner, and R. A. Mathies, “Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis of Organic Amines 
and Amino Aids in Saline and Acidic Samples Using the Mars Organic Analyzer,” Astrobiology, accepted, 2009.
  21. T. K. Chiesl, W. K. Chu, A. M. Stockton, X. Amashukeli, F. Grunthaner, and R. A. Mathies, “Enhanced Amine and Amino Acid Analysis Using Pacific Blue and the Mars Organic Analyzer Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis System,” Analytical Chemistry, vol. 81 (7), p. 2537, 2009.
  22. H. M. Manohara, R. Toda, R. H. Lin, A. Liao, M. J. Bronikowski, and P. H. Siegel, “Carbon Nanotube Bundle Array Cold Cathodes for THz Vacuum Tube Sources,” Journal of Infrared, Millimeter Wave, and THz Technology, vol. 30, p.1338, 2009
  23. M. Van Handel, D. Alizadeh, L. Zhang, B. Kateb, M. J. Bronikowski, H. Manohara, and B. Badie, “Selective Uptake of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Tumor Macrophages in a Murine Glioma Model,” Journal of Neuroimmunology, vol. 208, p. 3, 2009.
  24. R. Toda, E. Luong, R. Lin, A. Liao, and H. Manohara, “Monolithically Integrated Carbon Nanotube Bundle Field Emitters Using a Double-SOI Process,” 
IEEE/ASME Transducers 2009, p. 2042, 2009.
  25. A. B. Kaul, K. G. Megerian, P. von Allman, and R. L. Baron, “Single, Aligned Carbon Nanotubes in 3D Nanoscale Architectures Enabled by Top-Down and Bottom-Up Manufacturable Processes,” Nanotechnology, vol. 20 (7), p. 075303, 2009.
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Processing, vol. 8, p. 183, 2009.
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