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Optical Components

Diffractive Optics

We are involved in a number of projects that make use of our high-resolution diffractive optics capabilities.

A diffractive optical element etched into fused silica. When illuminated with a laser

Highlights (2008-2009)
Coronagraph occulting masks and shaped pupils. We have fabricated a number of binary half-tone and shaped-metal occulting masks for Terrestrial Planet Finder and James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) NIRCam coronagraphs. MDL has been selected to fabricate the flight occulting masks for the JWST NIRCam coronagraph.

Fluid flow sensor optics. In collaboration with Measurement Science Enterprise, we are designing and fabricating diffractive optical elements (DOEs) that enable noninvasive fluid flow sensors. The DOEs produce structured light patterns in the fluid, and particles scatter light to a detector, allowing determination of flow parameters.

Vortex phase masks. We fabricated an analog-relief vortex phase mask for Prof. Grover Schwartzlander (University of Arizona), and he and his students used it to demonstrate an astronomical optical vortex coronagraph by suppressing the light of the primary star in the resolvable binary system Cor Caroli.


Current Projects