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Nano and Micro Systems

A first-version CMBF endoscope.

A Novel Stereo Imaging Miniature Endoscope Using Single Objective for Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Planetary Exploration

In collaboration with the Skull Base Institute, JPL has developed a new technology for stereo imaging using a single objective and two complementary multi-bandpass filters (CMBF). The first demonstration was performed using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) lenses and multi-bandpass filters micromachined at MDL. These optical elements were integrated inside a 4-mm-diameter, rapid prototyped plastic housing. A COTS imager of 640x480 resolution (6.0 micrometer square pixels) from a commercial camera was used to capture stereo images. This is a first-time demonstration of CMBF technique that has the potential to capture high-resolution (1080x1080) stereo images with custom-designed optics. One of its potential applications includes 3D endoscopes for minimally invasive surgery (MIS), for studies have shown that better depth perception leads to better hand-eye coordination during surgery. MDL’s stereo endoscope would allow for 3D stereo imaging within the same volume afforded by a 2D endoscope currently employed in skull base and brain surgery. It also can also be used as a miniature stereo camera for in situ investigation of geological features during planetary exploration.


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