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Advanced Detectors, Systems, & Nanoscience

High-Performance Silicon Imagers in UV-NIR

Silicon imagers continue to be the best detectors for the ultraviolet–near-infrared (UV-NIR) spectral range. To achieve highest performance, it is necessary to operate silicon imagers in a back-illuminated configuration. If this back surface silicon is passivated and modified properly—for example, with delta-doping—the silicon imagers can achieve the highest performance possible in sensitivity and spectral range.

A 200 mm (8”) diameter wafer with 56 devices being prepared for thinning and delta doping.

The band-structure modification via delta-doping technology developed at MDL has resulted in 100% internal quantum efficiency, low surface-generated dark current, and exceptional uniformity and stability small-format silicon imagers. JPL has embarked on an effort to expand this unique capability with high-throughput and high-yield production in response to the detector needs of the future survey missions.


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