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Advanced Detectors, Systems, & Nanoscience

Detector Development for Medium Explorer–Imaging Spectroscopic Telescope for Origins Surveys (MIDEX–ISTOS)

Using JPL Discretionary R&D Funds (DRDF), we are developing a detector for a future mission, MIDEX–ISTOS. MIDEX-ISTOS is a mission concept (PI, Chris Martin, Caltech) to study the intergalactic medium and cosmic web of matter. It requires UV detectors that surpass the performance of any detectors ever flown. In order to surpass the science goals that were achieved by Hubble Space Telescope and Galaxy Evolution Explorer, ISTOS detectors must have capabilities that move beyond traditional microchannel plate technology and toward modern, solid-state-based photon counters that are enhanced with JPL UV sensitization technology (delta-doping). In addition, the wide field of view design of ISTOS requires a curved focal plane array. Delta-doping and another MDL innovation, curved imagers, applied to CCDs with avalanche gain enable ISTOS to meet its science requirements.

Concept of curved detector array for MIDEX-ISTOS.

Highlights (2008-2009)
In addition to the MIDEX-ISTOS, delta-doped CCDs for broadband imaging or delta-doped p-channel photon-counting detectors were baselined for several other MIDEX concepts and mission concepts funded in the study phase for decadal survey study. These included MIDEX–Orbiting Medium Explorer for Gravity Astrophysics (OMEGA), NASA Astrophysics Strategic Mission Concept Studies (ASMCS)–Star Formation Observatory, and ASMCS-Theia.


Current Projects