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Advanced Detectors, Systems, & Nanoscience

MDL’s delta-doped, 3.5kx3.5k 10.5-µm-pixel CCD was delivered to ASU

Rocket Experiment Paves the Way for Future Studies of Exoplanetary Systems and Galaxy Formation

A key astrophysical theme that will drive future UV/optical space missions is the life cycle of cosmic matter, from the flow of intergalactic gas into galaxies to the formation and evolution of exoplanetary systems. The Colorado High-resolution Echelle Stellar Spectrograph (CHESS) is a rocket-borne instrument that will serve as a pathfinder for future high-sensitivity, high-resolution UV spectrographs. MDL delivered a CCD (above) to Arizona State University (ASU) for integration into a flight-ready camera for CHESS. The CCD is to operate in the 190-nm region and has higher efficiency than the image tube–based devices that previously have been used in UV instruments. Work is currently underway at ASU for integration and testing of the camera.


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