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Advanced Detectors, Systems, & Nanoscience

MDL’s traveling camera equipped with a delta-doped, 2kx2k 15-µm pixel CCD.

JPL’s Deployable Delta-Doped Cameras for On-Sky Measurements

As part of demonstrating capabilities of delta-doped arrays in relevant scientific environments, MDL developed two easily deployable cameras for field testing at ground-based observatories. The cameras will be used in on-sky measurements to detect star-forming regions in nearby galaxies, supernovae and other transient objects, and objects with faint UV/optical/near-infrared signatures. MDL designed, developed, and produced a delta-doped CCD traveling camera capable of operating in photon-counting mode for ultra-faint target applications. This camera is equipped with a versatile cryostat and electronics that can operate delta-doped devices of various formats and designs (e.g., broadband fully depletable arrays or photon-counting arrays). The camera can be easily interfaced with observatory facilities.

The first devices integrated into the cameras for laboratory system checkout were a 4-megapixel delta-doped broadband CCD and a 0.5-megapixel delta-doped photon-counting CCD produced under the 8-inch silicon MBE commissioning effort. MDL scientists plan to work with various principal investigators and deploy the traveling camera for a series of technology and science expeditions.


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