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Following is a list of recent patents MDL scientists and technologists have been involved in during 2013:

  1. G. Chattopadhyay, E. Schlecht, C. Lee, R. Lin, J. Gill, S. Sin, and I. Mehdi, "670 GHz Schottky Diode Based Subharmonic Mixer with CPW Circuits and 70 GHz IF," US 20120280742A1.
  2. H. Manohara and A. B. Kaul, "Carbon Nanotube Vacuum Gauges with Wide-Dynamic Range and Processes Thereof," U. S. Patent 8,387,465. Issued 3/5/13.
  3. D. Z. Ting, S.V. Bandara, C. J. Hill, and S. D. Gunapala, "Complementary Barrier Infrared Fetector (CBIRD)," U. S. Patent No. 8,368,051 B2. Issued 2/5/13.
  4. F. W. Mintz, P. I. Moynihan, and S. D. Gunapala, "Mobile In Vivo Infra Red Data Collection and Diagnoses Comparison System," U. S. Patent No. 8,600,483 B2. Issued 12/3/13.
  5. M. E. Hoenk, "Surface Passivation by Quantum Exclusion Using Multiple Layers," U. S. Patent 8,395,243. Issued 3/12/13.